Monday, 9 March 2015

Mould making part 2

I´m continuing my mold making project. After I´m done with my last layer of mould release (I usually make 3 layers) it is time to mix some silicone. I got mine at dwr plastics. It´s a high temperature silicone so it will work with temperatures up to 330℃ and is easy to mix 1 to 1. I have made about 9 moulds with 1 kg silicone so I think it´s a good price for what you get.

First I make a small mix of silicone to brush on to the miniature. I do this to prevent bubbles close to the model. And while it cures I work some with my new sculpt (all power to Tengil our liberator;)

When the silicone has cured I mix the rest of the silicone and pour it in a thin stream in one of the corners until it reached the top of the wall. It takes about 6 hours for the silicone to cure so now I wait.

Now it´s cured and it´s time to cut it open. This is the tricky part. The silicone is easy to cut but not so flexible so I have to take time and effort to make a good cut. The best way is to get as much clay out of the mould as possible so that you can see where to cut. I tried to melt out the wax but it would not run out of the mold. But still it did help that it was soft. Next up casting!

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