Saturday, 7 March 2015

Mould making

I have decided that it´s time to make a silicone mould of my goblin. I will start out with him as a test. I have made moulds for white metal before but they have been very uniform and with no weapons and such that stand out from the model. My plan is to make a block mould. I´m gone brush on a layer of silicone and let it dry and then I will pour silicone so it covers the model. I do this to avoid air bubbles close to the model. Then my plan is to melt out the Castilene and cut the mould into two half's. The new thing I´ve added to the process is to melt out the wax. I think it will be easier to cut the mould when I can see where to cut more easily.
I start out placing the figure at the centre of a lego platform. I test out the walls so that I get a good amount of space between the model and the wall.

Then I build the base of the wall and fill the floor with soft clay. The clay I´m using here is some old Chavant NSP soft clay.

I build the rest of the wall separately so that I can put it on when I have brushed on the first layer of silicone.
Then I spray the model with mould release. I have had some bad experience with clay coming in contact with the silicone before so I take care to cover the whole model with mould release. It´s important to not use sulfur based clay when working with silicone so have that in mind. 


  1. Wish you luck - moulding and casting is extremely hard for me.

    1. Thank you! Yes it´s the tough part.