Friday, 20 March 2015


I could not hold my horses and started out with a new sculpt. Which is a good thing as long as I finish of some sculpts. My cupboard is filled with old unfinished drawings and stuff and I don´t want this for my sculpts. I´m going to try to finish of one sculpt for every sculpt I start from now on.

With my new rule of thumb in mind I also made a mould of the warrior. As I mentioned before I always brush on the first layer so that the surface of the mould gets free from bubbles. In the picture bellow you can see why. If I had not made that first brush on I would have had dots all over my model. I also cut some brass tubes and attached them to the hands. I did this because I was a bit worried about getting the metal to flow there and it also made the cutting of the mould easier. It´s also a good idea not to cut the mould in a straight line but work out some forms. It makes it easier to fit the mould together when casting this way.


  1. The new sculpt is coming along nicely. The curving horn motif on the helm is a nice touch.