Monday, 9 March 2015


I have tested the mould! The result is OK I think:). I used a method I saw on youtube called steam casting used by silver smiths. You just push a lid with wet paper towels against the metal and the steam pressure pushes the metal down filling the mould (do this at your own risk:). I don´t know how well it works with pewter but I think the cast gets better defined when I use it.  The air vents helps to. I´m using Prince august standard metal as casting metal instead of the old recycled pewter I have used before. Much easier casting and I like the finish as well. It´s gone be fun to see how the rest of the miniatures work out!


  1. I followed your link from the LAF. I have some Prince August casting paraphernalia myself but never used it, but now I'm interested in casting a few small pieces and your experiences are very helpful. I've never heard of steam casting before now, but I think it could be useful for my purposes. Can't argue with your results! The cast looks great. Beats the need for a vacuum chamber in resin casting, though those could be famous last words if I'm messing about with molten metal. :)

  2. Ha ha! Better safe then sorry:) Though I tend to forget safe in the heat of the battle. I think it's fun casting metal. There is some things to keep in mind like temerature of the metal heating up the mold and such but the great thing is that you can throw the casts back in into the ladle untill you get a good one. And the metal does not tear as much on the mold as resin does.