Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Green stuff

The play testing is going on fine and I have got some really good input so far. As I gather the feedback I have started sculpting some 28mm miniatures in green stuff. I have tried it before but never got it to work. Then I got around and bought some color shapers. It´s like a pencil with a silicon tip that works great with green stuff. I just dip it in water and work with it and I love it! The first two are a bit rough but I´m still happy with the result. I soon learned that green stuff does not sand very well and now I work in small areas and try to get it right at once.
 My first sculpt. Had a hard time posing him and some details got a bit bulky.

 My second sculpt is a knight. I could not decide if I wanted to make a male or female knight so it ended up being kind of in between. I´m still working on some bags and stuff.
 Here are some work in progress sculpts. First a female thief and second a warrior

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