Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Paint station

I decided to make a paint/ sculpting station today. Sometimes it takes about 20 minutes just to find all the stuff I need to get started with a sculpt so I want to save some quality time! Luckily I had some mdf at home so I started to sketch out the layout and tonight I cut the pieces out and put it together. I´m quite happy with it.
I have also made some armatures for some new sculpts and sculpted on the female mercenary. I don´t have any good pictures of the progress so far because I just realized my youngest daughter must have smeared butter on the lens or something cause there is no focus


  1. The paint station looks like just the thing. I made something similar a while back and find it very useful.

  2. It is always useful to have a painting station where you can have and store all your paints and stuff :)

  3. I'm using the lid from an a4 sized box as a paint station but I bet yours is much more stable!