Wednesday, 4 February 2015


I´m continuing my work on the "female knight". I was watching snow white and the huntsman while sculpting yesterday and I really like the crown the queen has so I´m considering adding one later on. I´m adding features to the sculpt like armor parts and clothes. I try to be methodical and dress the sculpt layer upon layer. It makes things easier in the long run. 

Sometimes I get carried away though:). Like now when I started out with the face. I start out with marking out the eyes,nose and mouth so I got some reference. I use a string of clay to add a nose and add some volume to get something to work with when sculpting the lips and chin. 
I cut out the lips with a knife and gently sculpt the face. It´s good to be methodical and try to get the overall shape before going to much into detail. I think it´s It´s very easy to make mistakes while sculpting faces in this size but I try to see them as part of the process and just carry on till I get something I like. At one part of the sculpt the face looked to big for the head but when I added some hair I think it worked out. I´ll leave the face for now and get the other parts in place.  


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